Timber Marketing


Hollow Hill Forestry | Harvesting


Hollow Hill Forestry LLC. provides Timber Marketing services to companies in the USA and Canada. We can purchase standing timber from private landowners but most generally provide brokerage services for timber or logs. We specialize in marketing your standing timber combining your volume with other private owners plus other purchased logs. Larger volumes of each specie and grade = higher prices for your timber. Don’t let anyone kid you… there is strength in numbers! We are in constant touch with the largest sawmills and veneer mills in the northeast keeping our fingers on the pulse of the lumber business. Below is further explanation of the way we handle each type of timber sale.

  • Lump sum bid sale-timber is marked and appraised and put out to bid to a wide variety of contractors and mills.
  • We hire contractor and bring logs to our yard for marketing. These logs are combined with other loggers or landowners logs and marketed to their highest and best use. Every log is bar-code tagged as scaled and graded. Logs are paid for as removed (generally weekly).
  • We purchase standing timber on a lump sum basis.