Log and Timber Marketing Services

Hollow Hill Forestry | About UsYes our main service is marketing logs but we offer much more: From log and timber marketing services, wood road building and layout, forest valuation, boundary location, field reclamation and a full range of wildlife management services we are a full service woodland management company.


About Hollow Hill Forestry, LLC.

Hollow Hill Forestry | Bill & Wes Sargent

Hollow Hill Forestry | Bill SargentHollow Hill Forestry, LLC. is a small family owned corporation with offices in North Bennington, Vermont and our main log yard located in Cambridge, NY. The company was founded in 2003. The president of the corporation is William Sargent. Mr. Sargent is a 1974 graduate of the University of Vermont School of Forestry and has worked continuously in the forest products industry in the northeast since then. He has worked as an industrial forester both in procurement as well as saw mill management. Before he started Hollow Hill Forestry, he had worked as a private consulting forester managing woodlands for private landowners. His love of the procurement and marketing side of the business led him to start Hollow Hill Forestry as a log marketing firm.

Hollow Hill Forestry | Wes SargentHe was joined in 2005 by his son Wes Sargent who ran the log yard at that time. Wes was instrumental in helping develop the software system that Hollow Hill Forestry uses. He is a hands-on partner who works daily in both the purchasing and marketing of logs. He currently also dispatches trucks and handles all invoicing of logs. If you visit our log yard, he is often the first person you will meet. In addition to the above jobs you might find him scaling logs, loading log trailers, running chainsaw upgrading logs, or maintaining our log handling equipment.